Online Test Series

About Us

MyLearningGraph (MLG) is brought to you by AIETS (All India Educational Testing Services), India’s first education company focused on Testing.

Founded under the guidance of nationally renowned Professor Dr O.P Agarwal, in the last 16 years we have provided learning and assessment solutions to lacs of students, thousands of teachers, hundreds of schools across the country in the diverse space of Grade 1 to international exams like GRE/GMAT.

What Do We Offer ?

Goal based learning

Each Program has defined Goals & Learning Objectives which continuously measures your progress and keeps you on track.

Unlimited Practice

Huge repository of different categories of questions. Detailed solutions for all questions with Special focus on shortcuts & speed tips to reduce attempt time.

QCR & Illustration

Concepts Sheets with Illustrative Examples for Quick Revision & Practice

Powerful Detailed Analysis

Detailed analysis that will pinpoint the areas of strengths, weakness and test taking strategy. Comparison of your score with toppers and cut-offs tell you Toppers Gap and Success Gap.

Study Planner

A Unique tool which helps in making a Workable Plan based on your Goal, course covered and time available.

Score optimizer

A unique tool/methodology which helps in optimizing your test taking techniques to maximize your score.