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Conquer JEE MAIN 2024 Online Test Series Package

Subject Chapter Test Practice Test Mock(full syllabus test) Test Free Test
Chemistry 77 NA 18 Test Details
Physics 62 NA 4 Test Details
Mathematics 62 NA 4 Test Details
Full Syllabus Test NA NA 14 14 Test Details
Scheduled Test NA NA NA Test Details

As the pattern of JEE Main 2024 is changed by NTA, we launch the latest & upgraded edition of the Online Test Series 'Conquer NTA JEE Main 2024 Online Test Series'. This Full Year exhaustive Online Test Series Package provides chapter-wise, subject-wise & Full Syllabus preparation tests for JEE Main 2020 exam. The Test Series, updated with NUMERIC-ANSWER Questions consists of 25 Questions in chapter-wise/ subject-wise Tests & 75 Questions in Full Syllabus Tests. Conquer JEE Main 2020 follows the exact chapter plan of NCERT class 11 & 12 books. For each chapter, 2 Tests of increasing Levels of Difficulty are provided. So you must start using this package as soon as you start your preparation. Immediately, after you prepare a chapter, test with the Level 1 test of that Chapter. Move to Level 2 only if you have performed well in Level 1. After Chapter-wise Tests, Subject-wise Full Syllabus Tests are provided for further Practice. In the end, you will find Full syllabus Mock Tests - combined tests of PCM. These mock tests will help you determine your current status of the preparation and will help you elevate yourself and prepare yourself for the exam. Each mock test has the detailed analytical reports which would help aspirants identify the areas they need to work the most on.

  • Instant Test Report;
  • Chapter-wise Analysis;
  • Skill-Wise Report;
  • Difficulty-wise Report;
  • Success Gap;
  • Time-wise Report
  • Question-wise Report

Test Series Consists:

Total Chapterwise Tests - 178

Total Subjectwise Tests - 9

Total Mock Tests - 5


Chapter Tests Structure:-


 JEE Main  Objective   Questions  No. of   questions   in Level 1  No. of   questions   in Level 2  Marks   per   question  Negative   marking  Cut   off   score   in   Level   1  Cut   off   score   in   Level   2  Time   Duration   in Level 1  Time   Duration   in Level 2
 Physics  MCQs  20  20  4  1  30  40  45 mins  60 mins
   Numeric  0  5  4  0
 Chemistry  MCQs  20  20  4  1  35  45  45 mins  60 mins
   Numeric  0   5  4  0
 Mathematics  MCQs  20  20  4  1  30  40  45 mins  60 mins
   Numeric  0  5  4  0