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Privacy Policy

During any visit to website, our server downloads the pages that the user wishes to see. These are called the computer cookies. With the help of these cookies, the server is able to detect if the user has already visited the site or not. They help to identify the common user and also helps to keep the track of the sites that has been used during any visit. If you object to, you can block those using cookies.

Mylearninggraph collects the information of any user who visits the page. The site also captures the registration information of the visitors. This information is only used to review the working of site. This is also used to improve the quality of the site. It also ensures that the data will not be used for exploitation of the visitors.

We may pass the data of the user to anyone who is in the requirement of that data to fulfill the requirement of any service or goods that is demanded by the visitor. We may also pass your data to our associated company or group to let you know about all our recent products and services that might be beneficial for the user. As stated above, we will not disclose your personal details unless we are obliged to do so by law.