Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condition

During the visit to the website, the User will have to share some personal or sensitive information. This policy is projected to all the Users who have provided any kind of information on the website that might be accessed by Us. We reserve all the rights to change the terms and conditions of the website without any prior notification to the User. These terms and conditions will be in effect from the day of uploading itself. Therefore, Users are requested to periodically visit the website and review the policy.

Rule 1

A user might have to share some sensitive personal information for further access to certain material.

Rule 2

Personal Information disclosed by the User to Us will be used by Us that can be used to collect the content requirements of the user. Apart from that, the information will also form the part of database created by Us.

Rule 3

During any visit to this website, the User might send some of the cookies from his computer to our website. These cookies will be used by Us to keep track of User preferences.