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BITSAT 2024 - 5 Online Mock Test Series

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BITSAT 2024 - 5 Online Mock Tests Series

The practice is the key to success. Disha Publication has launched 5 Mock Tests for BITSAT 2020 where you can find preparation tests for the exam. These mock tests will help you determine your current status of the preparation and will help you elevate yourself and prepare yourself for the exam. Each mock test has the detailed analytical reports which would help aspirants identify the areas they need to work the most on.

  • Insta Test Report;
  • Chapter-wise Analysis;
  • Skill-Wise Report;
  • Difficulty-wise Report;
  • Success Gap;
  • Time-wise Report
  • Question-wise Report

BITSAT  2020 – 5 Mock Tests Pattern: Each Test Contains











 180 Minutes






















  • There will be 150 questions in all.
  • All questions are multiple-choice questions with four options, only one being correct.
  • Each correct answer fetches 3 marks and -1  for the wrong answer.
  • No marks are awarded for not attempted questions.
  • The Test is of 3 hours duration and there is no time limit for individual sections of the test. 


Benefits Of Taking BITSAT Mock TestS:

The Mock Test is a crucial part of the preparation process. Taking BITSAT online Mock test in the actual exam pattern is paramount to scoring well in the exam.


1. Taking BITSAT Mock Tests will help get used to the difficulty level of the exam.

2. You will get a clear idea about the BITSAT exam pattern.

3. It will help you identify the particular topics you are weak at and need to improve on.

4. You will identify the gaps in your overall test-taking skills, like time management and question selection.

5. It will help you develop a smart test-taking strategy so that you can finish the whole paper before time with maximum accuracy and minimum negative marking.